Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life and sleep….

Of late I have been waking early and I don't know why.

I have recently acquired a farm with all the paraphernalia, that is including a house/home and all what's inside and also  storage facility, and a semi pig sty and a chicken coop… and all in all a huge piece of land.

I never asked for it but it just happened and I am grateful , in fact I am so grateful that I really don't know the extent or the worth of that area, and it gives me sleepless nights…there I have said it unknowingly… that I wake up early and do not sleep well.

Thank Lord that the Horny phase has passed and that does not mean that I do not long for a man, I do and I want him here but where how when and all that..

The global recession is hitting Tanzania hard and we are feeling the after effects now as the fuel has been raised, power/electricity problems and due to that, the food and commodities prices are high and people cannot afford to buy… sigh that's life as it is, for now….

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  1. Shaffin,

    Good Luck in ur new challenge may u get the best of it and over come all obstacle :)