Saturday, March 19, 2011


I am so turned on these days, and I cannot say what it is… I am so fucking horny that I have been spanking for 2-3 times a night and it has left me drained and sore… I so much need a man to do me…

I guess I have been watching a lot of male/gay porn and something like this photo below turns me on so bad that I need to lock my bedroom door and spank it.


love his bubble butt and sorry folks if you don't like this nude male photo…


  1. its realy weird y in certain days or time we feel so high im sure watching much porn will help in that :p i guess if u cant find a man near u got to reduce watching these films and break the circl of going on routine and fot busy in something new or diff. ;)


  2. Joey, at times you just want pure sex with no strings attached and it's hard to find that here. I am not sure how it works out for you out there...?

  3. Well Shaffin i never found my self in pure sex i always regret it much after so even if the chance is here i keem myself away and keep myself off any contact yes sometimes its like u dont care i just wana have it but i never let this take control of me to actualy do it and as u said later the phase pass by and things get to normal again :)