Saturday, October 30, 2010

Well, I just got back from Dar es Salaam after dropping my best buddy in Morogoro at his in-law place. He was with his wife and 2 yr daughter there and they have had a very good time.
I, on the other hand have had a not very nice time. Apparently I arrived in Morogoro  and went to my hotel, and there was no water, the AC wasn't working well, and there were mosquitoes in the room and I spent the night fiddling with the AC, checking for water and shooing away the mozzies... what a way for me... on arriving Dar, I had a shower and put my buddy and his family in another hotel [a posh one] and I refreshed myself with a long good bath... but then we started shopping and I wa awake till 4.00am the following day [dawn] and thats when I went to sleep, awoke by  9.00 showered, and with the heat in Dar, I was already bathed in sweat again. Well shopped but came to realise that there was a fuel shortage and so looked around different fuel stations and finally got some fuel and headed back to Iringa and but the with the road works, and a stopover in Morogoro, I reached home at 11.00pm. What a drive and whole hectic trip!!!

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