Saturday, August 7, 2010

Massaging hands…lol


Yesterday I was with Chris, a regular hunky handsome, giant of a man who comes to my cafe whenever he is in town. He is an ex peacecorp and is visiting here from Washington DC and so yesterday when he was having his coffee, we all started talking of different things and one of them was on relaxation and massaging and so I showed him different massaging points, like hands and feet and so I started  massaging his hands whilst  doing that, I was starting to have boner and I stopped in time…, thinking that what a thing would have happed if I stood up with a hanger in my pants..? Chris is handsome and accepting but he is straight and it would have been a unethical for me to make advances on a someone i care as a friend and who also is a valuable customer.

Wow, and I say again wow, no one has had that kind of effect on me before like that…. WOW!

I also have been gorging on small amounts of chocolate and here is what I like…



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