Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Have just been busy…



 IMG_0776 Well last week I had my friend Kimberly visiting me from Kenya, where she was taking a sabbatical from her job and decided that she would like to visit Iringa after something like 12 or so years, it was so good having her around, as it took part of my being lonely away. Apparently she walked a lot and went to see her old school where she used to teach, and to be honest Iringa has changed a lot and for her it was not much of a change but then it is…. and so yesterday she left for Arusha, back heading to Nairobi. I got a text message from her this morning that she arrived in Arusha last night at, now that's a ridiculous bus ride from Iringa to Arusha, I suppose we do have a choice, but then at what cost?

This past week has been a busy week and I have been closing early too.ahh need some vacation I gather… will do that.

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