Saturday, June 26, 2010

Andy and Vicky and Exi

Well, I was a lil bit shocked when I saw Andy and Vicky and Exi in town I mean turning up at Hasty Tasty and I was like, HUH???

All in all I was happy and glad that they did come up abruptly and it was great to have them here, after some bad misunderstandings that happened some few years ago… it was bad and it was my fault, had I not provoked him, it would not have come to that, but anyway, a few months ago, I sent him an email and I apologized for what happened. So all in all, I am happy that he did turn up, with Vicky.

Here are a few photos with with them and we did have dinner altogether, and I am really happy that its bridge under water, as its no use have bad feelings when I knew that it was my fault. Hugs Andy and hope that you do come back to Iringa once again.






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