Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Dar

Well, am in Dar and to be honest the drive was not so good, as I tried to sleep but my driver is NOTa good driver. We got to Dar late and the traffic was horrendous, and not only that, I didn't get a booking at my usual  hotel and got a place at this place called Jambo Inn and to be honest its not bad, but not so great either. I wish that the rooms didn't have mozzies and that there were fresh towels ready at hand like at the Econolodge where I normally stay. But never the less, I am there for one night and will be off by tomorrow, at the Econolodge. To be honest the rooms are small and not at all that wonderful, and the bathroom didn't have any hot water...and not only that, they charged me triple the amount for a double room that was NOT up to my expectation. I also forgot to pack my laptop knowing that they have free internet service if I stay here. Its good knowing this, also... I forgot to bring my copy of 'The Host' and have been dying to finish it, but never mind...

I am in Dar to pick up a few guests from UK who were our neighbors here in Iringa. I will be back home in Iringa on Saturday and I also will take a few pics today of the room and post them here when time permits me to do more posts from Dar.

I met Jenny's boyfriend and we had dinner together with his brother and a few friends.Had BBQ fish and fries. Am changing into a pescetarian [peskaterian], and I don't know if thats the right word...people who dont eat red meat but eat fish are called...pescetarian.

 Jenny by the way is back in Iringa and getting the house ready for the guests. The whole house have been in the cleaning mode and getting everything done for Saturday - These pics below are of the Jambo Inn lodge where I said above that the room was tacky, I dont blame anyone BUT if you are an Inn owner, at least make sure that your Inn is runing good and not just for profits. Also, even if this guy has already made his name, it can be tarnished in seconds. Well, beggars can't be choosers, and if I had to stay there again, I  would have to, as I would have no choice and some of teh other places are more expensive...


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