Sunday, May 30, 2010


What happens when you have that light bulb moment? Wow, something happens for a reason and some things are meant to be…
Of Late have been watching Erica Strange of Being Erica and I tell you its made me realize some few home truths and no matter how we want to change history, we cannot, but, if we can make ourselves better to the change, the the world changes with us. so now I know, if I want to change the world, I will have to be the change, but to a point if I want things to change around me, and not if someone tells me that I should change….
Isn't there a big difference when someone tells you “change before its too late” Am I supposed to relate to that and say I will change, or if when I want things to change then only I will make myself change.
Sometimes its just hard… I guess that person didn't explain to me that to make myself have opportunities [as in change the world], I would have to do things differently [as in changing myself or having an entirely different approach]?
Arrghhhh life is so complex, but then who said that it was easy….

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