Saturday, May 22, 2010


I forgot to mention, last week some family friends who had left Iringa some 8 years ago, returned for a holiday. Adil and Rumina with their children. It was nice meeting them and to be honest, Rumina is still the same and has not changed. She is the same bubbly gal i knew when she lived here in Iringa. Adil has calmed down of late and the kids Farid and Fawzia have grown up too… seems like my sister who is aged between Farid and Fawzia, has grown too and although I wouldn't notice it, but now I know how it feels…IMG_0519
Mum and Rumina
Mum, Rumina, Farid, Adil and Fawzia
That's me on the right….lol
On the other hand, I had asked a friend of mine, Lisa Griffith to get me  the new Nigella Lawson Cookbook and I got it yesterday and boy it has some really cool recipes, that I can adjust and make for my customers at the cafe…

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