Friday, June 11, 2010

of late…..

Well, had been to Dar last week and got back tired, and somehow I slept over the weekend…. and then early this week, my sis played a prank on her boyfriend and she begged me to tell him sorry for playing a prank and I was so angered that at this age, I told her to grow up and solve her boyfriend stuff, where playing games was concerned, herself… well we had words and she said something and it really hurt me… some how as a parent, I didn't realize that it would hit me hard, but I was upset for 2 days… and its ok but still feel scarred and don’t know how long it will take for me to heal, although I have healed in a way but still not easy to be whole when the thing that she said pops up, reminding me…. We all are vulnerable and prone to hurt at any given point. I thought it would be easy and I would ignore it but then we are humans and our emotions run deep and sometimes we have our highs and lows. I am sure what she said was not meant on what I reflected it to be but then maybe she said it in that context and meant it…? I guess we cannot judge, and even at some point of speculation, it is great enough to judge so I wont even do that, till the time comes for me ask her directly and know what she said was mean or not
I just finished reading Percy Jackson Series, and its a cool nice read, but not as good as the Harry Potter Series – some photos of this week….
IMG_0559 IMG_0561 IMG_0563 IMG_0565

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