Sunday, May 2, 2010

Age and Days…

What happens as we grow older? we lose our mind, and our health deteriorates and we become senile and all the more we die…
Yesterday I turned 43 but then who is bothered about getting old, as people from all walks of life these days are getting younger and younger, even the young are getting younger… take for example,. Heidi Montag, I have been reading about her from tabloids given to me from a friend [Amy] , and I saw that she had gone for 10 beauty procedures in one day, now that's extreme, and to say someone who is less then 24 yrs of age…? Well, that's what happens as we grow older these days, we want to be young, and doesn't really matter if you are older or young, it happens to be a curious case of the Benjamin Button syndrome.
By the way, one of my good friends Chantal Stoner is leaving for US in a months time and she has been my link to the book world of late and I am surely going to miss her, but will think of the good times. Chantal has been a regular at my cafe and will miss her. avoir friend…
Amy …above
IMG_0497 Chantal

IMG_0495Cake that I made and ate…LOL

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