Friday, May 7, 2010

Rolls and cookies…

Cookies and rolls of any kind are comfort food,and when you start to gorge on them you know that something is the matter… eating is a metaphor for trying to comfort yourself, and part of it can be to satisfy you pangs of hunger, but then it also signifies something to be able to find satisfaction in without having to face the problem itself. Of late I have been stressing over my lil sisters removal of her wisdom teeth/molars. She lives in Dar es Salaam, and its not easy for me to travel to Dar especially when I am short staffed. So I am pulled by going to Dar and not leaving my workplace, also I find it hard travelling on buses that I have not gotten used to, and getting of in the middle of nowhere [read UBUNGO]. But have decided to go with Sumry since Scandinavia Bus Service wont be resuming till the end of the month or 2….
Arrghh the downs of travelling… Hmph!!!!!!
Here is something delicious, and fun to be eating this…

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