Monday, November 30, 2009

So what's next?

I sometimes feel that we are destined to do the same things over and over again and the routine of doing things daily the same way, sets in boredom, but once awhile we come across a situation and we say, wow, that’s out of the norm and it feels good.

What I am saying is that we should not adhere to rules every time, but to also break them that is some of the minor ones that bring harm to no one, not even yourself… I used to feel that my life would be stuck in the same routine…but I found a friend, and I don't remember he found me or I did cos I looked at his profile and the smile caught on but then I just looked at his photos and well, I sighed and moved on… least did I know that the same person would buzz/ping/or catch my attention and talk to me…. I feel at least i can open up to this friendship and work on it, rather the hurry to a point when we tire of each other. Don't know if we will or we could, that's yet to be seen if it is to be seen. Life is strange and destiny sure dresses her part on her way to enjoy the mishaps of life and then having a reversal of fortune to make it all better.

I actually think that we have the power and desire to change our own lives, and no matter how much we might blame on others for doing what has been done unto us, I still believe that we have a CHOICE to walk out of a situation or be done by that situation. Whatever we choose makes our way/path in life.

In the past I judged and blamed but then I realized from my own, that is my fathers experiences, that we all have had a choice that will make our path… or take the right turn on the forked road.

This last week we celebrated the Pilgrimage Eid, which is considered the holiest of the Eids and is a bigger one although in this part of the world we have just a day for a holiday, but in some Muslim countries, some 5 days are given off to celebrate. This year we did not make much of it, nor did I participate in the general luncheon at the mosque, I missed my sister and hope that she is here soon, that is after finishing her exams. I guess the holiday season is in and soon we will be having X-mas off too… LOL

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