Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something happened…

Well. its been a week  or so since I had my medication of Prozac… the tablets that sort of made me sane…well slowed me down… and now I don't know how I am feeling apart from not being able to sleep at nights, still ! I guess or understand that it will take time to wear off on me, and now I have to learn and understand how my body works and what my mind tells me. I should be able to stay calm with all the noise and disturbances around me and get used to what I was during Prozac… and still be able to stay calm and solid.

Ehhh I  know it’s hard but am taking baby steps in doing this, one day at a time and it’s not easy, but I know I can do it and I will. This time I don't want to fail myself, at the same time I want to show myself that I am capable of doing it on my own rather then with the aid of a medication.

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