Monday, November 14, 2011

Forgiving is very giving…

These last few weeks have been a really eye opener for me… I have been leaning towards spiritualistic way of life…. I don't mean that I am forsaking my being gay but am more into soul searching and attaining nirvana….

I have started forgiving people who I had wronged or who wronged me intentionally or unintentionally…. I find that soothing and a lot of burden feels like lifted  more from my chest. I cannot understand how we as human beings on the long run carry so much of this burden that we worry about the past and who wronged whom and we forget about the NOW and what it has to offer us…. This NOW is the only thing that will make our future and keep us from carrying these unnecessary burdens.

Please do it now and start forgiving those who have wronged you, take it this way that its a big burden and the only way you will get it off your chest and not your back is to forgive and let go…..

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