Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There are so many things that I want to say and most of them are my feelings on day to day stuff and how I get on with life, and when I want to say something about them, I close like a clam and don't speak a word.

I wasn't like that and I don't know what or why I have become like that. I used to be quiet open about my feelings but not anymore, and somehow I feel afraid to open up, as if I am naked….There are times when people like me open up and say it all and get over with it, but of late I haven’t been able to say out what I feel.

For example, my sister is going through mixed feelings about this fella… not that she tells me but I think, and feel… apparently I don't have the right to judge or say anything or say my feelings, and if I do then I may hurt her or judge what she is going through. And sometimes we might say the wrong things when we feel something, and sometimes its okay to be open, but then what is right and what is wrong….I mean when I want to say something  or what I feel.. what is the right thing to say or not…?

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