Tuesday, November 30, 2010

power cuts

As I sit in the dark here waiting for power to return so that I can do my daily, nightly chores [read-watch tv and do some work on my desk top] I become frustrated on this whole process of power cuts and the country not being able to stand on its own 2 left feet.
The politicians are squabbling between themselves and the political parties are at clash. The members of parliament are greedy group of people who want to squander the country's gains by usurping them.
The rains have not rained and its getting to be more then warm.... its like being in Dar es Salaam, and looks like we will need to import those Chinese hand fans to be able to blow some fresh cool air onto our faces so to be able to keep cool.

I am not sure what the country [cuntry] is doing, but this is for sure that the president J.K. is wallowing in his air-con mansion.

Just plain frustrating shit!!!!

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