Monday, June 14, 2010

looking at food and feeling hungry

What is it that I feel about eating, I salivate when I am at the market looking at those juicy tomatoes, those lovely soft silky creamy avocados, and I want to chop up those onions and mix all into a tasty guacamole.

Not only for the fruits and vegetables, but I also tell my avocado vendor to give me an avocado and the next vendor has salt and sells green peppers and where  then I borrow a knife from a third person and chop up some bell chilies, guacamole, and stuff them into the green pepper and there, before I have given the knife back, I have already taken a bite and mh, mh, mmh, I can tell you, that soft creamy, chili infused avocado is so bliss with the crunch of a green pepper….heavens open and remind me that I am a foodie…that also goes when I am watching shows that have food in it, or magazines that have a food section… like some stuffed eggplant with spiced and tiny diced potatoes, mixed with an array of spices and coriander and tomatoes… I just love food, and just yesterday I baked some red snapper in different spices and wow, that baking of fish was so good, mmmm with thin chapatis and a side dish of scalloped eggplant and potatoes and dipped in tomato gravy,- that is so heavenly, that I just licked my lips even when I was full…so!!!!..

oh oh oh…. hehehe just thinking of it, my mouth waters. I think I should go on a diet, and not eat any food, but just thinking and looking at food, would I gain or lose weight????

You tell me…..maybe I am bored with life that I find food a comfort, or maybe I am just a foodie?

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