Saturday, January 16, 2010

happenings in 2010

Wow, I recall as I set there in the dentist’s chair anaesthetized and drowsy from all the pain killers I had during the whole of last week, I wondered when would I ever be free of the infection that invaded my chipped lower right molar, and that too after being careful with  eating stuff, I guess, shit happens….

Anyway, as the burly dentist probed my mouth with his gloved fingers, it reminded me me of a blogger who is into rubber and such, and I was thinking that maybe it would feel like that if I allowed a man to put his gloved fingers in my mouth…I digress…as he looked and touched, he started, ‘mmmm you will soon be free of pain….’               


Well I did get my tooth fixed and I am going again next month for some small fillings and I hope that I don't have to go back with and infected tooth if I keep my fillings in tip top shape. I met up with a few gay friends and it was good to see them and have a drink with them, I also had good food at different places and I wanted to stay more, and I feel utterly refreshed and wow… better.

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  1. I hate dentists and i got a tooth have to be filled but i hate going to that dr. i guess in the end i better go before it start troubling me and it would be worse :(... joe