Monday, October 12, 2009

electricity and power cuts

Of late, there have been power cuts and rationing of electricity all over Tanzania, and it’s really daunting to know that when we are nearly or on the 21st century, we still are having the problems that would have been there a few decades ago… I guess all the politicians have their pockets in the country’s funds and they get away with it including the president himself, who has the time to travel all over the world, but his country remains in lower part of the undeveloped sector of the world, I digress….I was hoping to write more of something on what I cooked today, and so it shall be that, I marinated some few pieces of chicken in yogurt, ginger, garlic, chili, soy sauce salt, some peppercorn, Tandoori powder and a packet of Paneer Masala ready sauce mix.

Mixed that all together and put it all in a large wok and let it simmer till the chicken was done and then I mixed some cornstarch and and mixed it into the stew, and voila, here I had my own lovely concoction. Served with skin potato wedges , and chili yogurt… its a treat and delicious to eat.

Power has been rationed to twice a week, once in the day for 10 hours and the other day for 5 hours. It’s not so bad here in Iringa, but in a place like Dar es Salaam, they have longer hours and its terrible, it’s hell, the noise of generators everywhere and the heat just gets to you. The Government says that it will last for a few more weeks…. lets hope so.


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