Friday, October 9, 2009

Another day..... starts....

A few days ago I was in Dar and stayed at Tracy's home, I mean she resides in the school compound with a nice simple apartment, and the funny thing is when I slept on her bed, I felt strange, as I have never slept with any woman apart from my mother or sister well that being said.....when I was young and the later when Jenny was small.... but with a woman my age, single and me a gay man... mmmm.?????
She didn't have a problem but I could not sleep and was constantly afraid of turning or moving hence if I woke her up, but she had her earplugs on and she slept like a baby, hehehe but I didn't as I was not used to the bed and was not used to the surroundings. Well got the work done by picking up Helga from the Hotel and getting her safe to Iringa and I was tired and didn't sleep that well, with weird dreams....
Jenny had a good time with me in Dar and I also met her boyfriend Azhar and he is ok, but then I talked to him and he told me that he is serious… how serious, I only can ask Jenny….
Well maybe this blog will bring good tidings amongst my friends and family.




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  1. Well 4 me the most killing feeling i experienced in life is losing a friend for what ever reason and what ever form death, breaking up, or even by simply traveling away. its never easy no mater how i experiance this kind of feeling still in each time it kill deep inside as the first time impact. i thank God that in his mercy to us he never leave us alone and he brings new friends in our way ... joe