Sunday, October 9, 2016

Too much noise pollution

I though that being a Sunday, it would be easy and I would be able to relax, in spite of closing the cafe , but no, the Church or whatever denomination that is [Overcomers], it is just a big nuisance, the noise is so high with church songs etc....!!
I don't mind  good gospel music and I love listening to beautiful local music but these people do keep it at high volume and no matter how much you tell them it still goes on on, and only on ..hear this out... Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday....duuuu Maisha ni hayo...[This is life]...
On the other note, the bus stop has been moved from Tanesco area in town to near the National Library and its a nuisance of the hooting from early morning till 10 at night... such a pain, and I dont mean to rant out this much , it getting to my nerves on noise pollution. When will the locals understand, what it is, to NOT be able to hear, I mean I see people shouting on phones in public places, with a monologue and maybe spilling whatever secrets they have, making it known to the public...or the noise in the music shops, or or the so called Toka Shetani Church [Cleansing the bad/spirits from the body....Church] .
Its come to a point that even the television that people want to hear is loud... do we really understand the consequences of having loud or high decibel volume of noise in our life?... I am sure many are suffering from stress of quickened heartbeats, not able to hear since the eardrum gets damaged... and maybe pressure BP...?????

Ok lets see what the authorities will do in the near future?I am just tired of all this and maybe its a sign for me to do my own thing in life...daaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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