Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Me and my Sis

 Somebody sent me this mail... makes sense but then...

Soul is a part of the Lord - soul does not like or dislike - soul does not react - soul is a centre of peace in us - it is the peace that is felt by getting rid of all the worldly matters of life - even though it is there for us all the time, it is not seen or felt by 99% of people because we engage ourselves too much in this materialistic world - meditation, prayers, kindness, love will bring us to this peace which is our inheritance -
Life is a short passage of our journey towards eternity - life is a gift that is given to us by God - compassion and kindness towards the human race and peace and love for humanity is the greatest grace and gift of our Lord to us and is our clear way to eternity.
Love all - as our Lord loves all and He cannot have a seat in a heart that is not full of love for He is love - be joyful and you will become joy - even though you feel you are not  happy, think about things that make you happy and be happy - happiness is our  right –
God is happiness - we have to be happy to be one with God who is kind - kindness is God - show kindness to humans, to animals, kindness  to trees, kindness to whatever exists in this world - as it is all creation of  the Lord - we have to be kind to be one with God - compassion is God - compassion for all living and non-living things in life - compassion and  action to help those in need - faith in action is love, joy, happiness, kindness, laughter, compassion - that is faith in action -
Rumi said beautifully. "Give up your drop and become part of the ocean".
When you give up your ego self and become one with the world around you, you will find life to be a beautiful experience, a very happy experience.
Regarding suffering, Rumi powerfully said,
"I lost everything I had, but in the process I found myself, when I found myself, I found God when I found God, I did not need anything else - even in the loosing of everything there was something deeper I gained."
And Khalil Gibran says
"The flute that soothes your spirit is carved from the very wood that is hollowed with knives".   When we hear the flute playing such a nice music and soothing our spirit, let us remember, the same flute was carved from the very wood that was hollowed with knives. So goodness does not just come. Joy comes from pain and pain from joy.
When we see night, we appreciate the day. When we see winter, we appreciate the spring.  When we see darkness, we appreciate the light. When we see sorrow, we appreciate the joy.
To have that perspective is also a spiritual awakening. There is a very beautiful story, a fairy tale by Shale Silverstine, which in essence goes as follows:
There was once a circle that was missing a piece. The circle was very depressed and down that it was missing a very important piece of its being.   So the Circle embarked on a journey looking for the missing piece. En route the circle smelled the roses, talked to the butterfly, looked at the sunrise and sunset, tried different pieces on the road that did not fit and the circle was disappointed and sad that it was missing its very important piece.
Eventually, the circle found the missing piece - became perfect. A total full round circle. But now it went so fast it had no time to smell the roses, it had no time to look at the sunrise and sunset, and it had no time to talk to the butterflies.
So after some time the circle realized, I am missing all those things, chatting with butterflies, smelling the roses, looking at the sunrise and sunset, so the circle took out the missing piece, left it at the side of the road and embarked on the journey looking for a missing piece.
We all have a missing piece. And with this missing piece we are more whole because we have the aspiration every morning to wake up and strive for something.

If life was too perfect there would be nothing to look forward to - hope is a part of life and despondency is a sin.

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  1. i liked what Rumi said about searching for GOD , also the says about the missing piece, i guess all humans in the end got deep inside a conection with GOD and only in knowing him and and bilding up this conection we reach our purpose of life ... joe