Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A public holiday…

It’s a public holiday, and feels like a lay day. I went to the market and it is busy and the streets are busy but till 3.00 pm in the noon, it will be quiet as the public will retire to their homes to relax and do their thing as another day starts tomorrow. There has been a lot of structural building in the market and some people who had ‘bandas’ that is small stalls will not be having them as these buildings are with bricks and cement and that takes a lot of space. The small wooden stalls were made of wood planks and took only a meter or so with a shade above and a small stool to sit nearby, but with the new buildings, there is hardly any space as these are built to specified spaces and some may get these spots/stalls and some may not, maybe they may end up sharing…, it really feels sad to know that some people may lose their livelihood of selling vegetables.

I did not sleep well… and however I try to block him out of me, I am having a really hard time coming to terms that it’s over. I never knew that I cared for someone so much, but I guess I will get over this too or maybe not. Well… my loss and I am to blame…Although after deleting the mails and pictures and also tearing up the photos, I still cannot help feeling that I might get an email or a message but that's just wishful thinking. I guess we all go through this hurt, some of us more and some of us less.

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