Saturday, October 24, 2009


Of late I have been borrowing books from a friend I know and have returned them on time. Now some few weeks ago, I borrowed a novel and returned it in a good form but to this particular friend, she thought it was rude of me to give her a novel that had been abused and the covers were like ‘dog ears’, and the novel looked as if it had been crumpled and ragged… not to that extent but she felt it that way and i was really hurt to know this…. for some apparent reason we give more attachment to something like books and let our values run and vanish away. Anyway, I borrowed another novel from her and I let it stand on my bookshelf and a few days ago I started reading it, but no matter how interesting that book, I couldn’t bear to touch it as it wasn’t my own so today I gave it back to her but my heart was so heavy and sad, when she asked me that I enjoyed reading it and how did I feel about it? And I answered that how much I loved the author and the series of the same novel and how much knowledge was in them etc…., but deep down inside, I felt such a huge remorse that asking another novel from her will take another lifetime.

Well this is not the only thing, but recently another friend of mine got me some novels, as she had a couple of copies of each, and when I asked her if she could lend me a novel from one of the authors I like, she didn’t say much, but when I visited her home, her whole wall of bookshelf was with books that I would have loved to read…. strange as it is, I hurt and I am always sensitive about such things. Maybe people are possessive about their books and not worried about life or if they have friends or not?

We end up having a fixation on the material things in life and we let our relationships, friendships, and values run amok…. I guess I too am similar like that but I would never complain or tell the other person like that and although I have had books that have been returned with covers that are furled and dog eared, but then those are the books that one reads with joy and enjoys it….

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